Glee Flash Mob & Marriage Proposal (Seattle – 2012) – Seattle Video

On April 21, 2012, nearly 1000 flash mobbers came together in Seattle to celebrate the 3rd Annual Glee Flash Mob in what has become the biggest Glee fan event in the country! They too were surprised when in the middle of the mob there was a marriage proposal. The show is all about diversity and love, and the mob celebrates every facet of the show. You might even see Mr. Schue if you look hard enough… “Like” us at to be notified of future videos and to participate in a future flash mob of ours! Produced by Egan Orion of One Degree Events/Mob the World. Choreography by Beth Meberg and Jared Jones.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

23 Responses to “Glee Flash Mob & Marriage Proposal (Seattle – 2012) – Seattle Video”

  1. cool4swag4awesome says:

    okay i now this sounds cheesy but i started crying when he proposed

  2. musiclessthanthree says:

    @jklxn do you watch glee?

  3. Alice Berg says:

    I LOVE THIS! <333

  4. tikzterz says:

    @ 5:22.. the couple is still in he middle.. 🙂 sweet..

  5. gesileheart says:

    the most boring song in marraige proposal..

  6. bolleta says:



  7. stephieellen21 says:

    cute :)

  8. chasleshea92 says:

    Dear men, are you writing this shit down????? 🙂

  9. GinjerandBlondy says:


  10. MrMn9oori says:

    This guy is so cute 1:58

  11. TheNinja07 says:

    I thought she was sayin no that whole time cause she was shakin her head lol

  12. savannah00panda says:


  13. 1Christy434 says:

    lol omg what if she said no?

  14. Hannah Jarden says:

    you must be new….

  15. Hannah Jarden says:

    I love the old lady you see occasionally! so funny!

  16. skeeke says:

    so sweet and amazing

  17. wolfteritory says:

    I WANT to see a flash mob!

  18. seemasapeen says:

    Wow, that was awsome 🙂

  19. FullMetalAlchemist31 says:

    Is it really him (the actor) or just a very similar looking person?

  20. jklxn says:

    why do they all flash the universal “loser” hand signal at the end?

  21. jklxn says:

    who is that?
    that is, besides th 2000 version of waldo?

  22. brycen reyes says:

    i found Mr. Shue!!!! :DDDDD

  23. Love13Makeup says:

    All of these proposal videos are so sweet. I can’t stop watching them!


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