Preview Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks Video – Seattle Video

Preview Dallas vs. Seattle

21 Responses to “Preview Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks Video – Seattle Video”

  1. balla4life511 says:

    Michael Irving was a better WR than Dez Bryant

  2. HoorayYipeeeeeeee says:

    Soooo you have to stop the run… stop the pass … pressure the qb…. pass the ball well… run the ball well and not commit penalties. So pretty much you have to play football well. All these are just generalized statements there is no game plan or strategy behind any of this analysis.

  3. konawolv says:

    agreed. Also, just because a ball isnt a perfect spiral doesnt mean it was a bad throw or it isnt going where he planned. The only time Romo really ever makes a poor throw is if he is in the pocket, and one of his linemen is blocking his field of view, and he doesnt see a DB/LB cherry picking him. This happens to all QB’s. Other bad throws are more often than not miscommunications on option routes.

  4. raunchymuffins says:

    Russel is a great QB he converts when we need him to and does what the coaches ask which is perfect for ur team because we just wanna feed the beast.

  5. aufheben5 says:


  6. ryanr20091 says:


  7. leoray1234 says:

    You are thorough, thoughtful, and you know how to respect your opponents. Any team would be proud to have you as a fan.

  8. GlockPunisher1 says:

    Dude I saw yer emotional video after the loss tha someone had reposted. (I live in Seattle and went to the game) I had to look you up. WE GOT SLAUGHTERED!!! Love yer passion for the game and the team!!!

  9. bouazzirayan says:

    I wish you were the head coach

  10. HollowFMJ says:

    Booooo. Da Hawks whooped yo asses! Boop boop boop! Trollolololololol! HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!

  11. Claymore2408 says:

    you all should watch his video where he was PISSED OFF LOL!

  12. yungworldz says:

    boy were u wrong lolol hahah.. Seattle hometown..

  13. ResonantEngineering says:

    good call.

  14. ResonantEngineering says:

    good call.

  15. viktorchilo says:

    mad respect to you sir, im a seattle fan and sick and tired of getting no respect, even football analysts dont realize we’re a different team from last year, but you know what youre talking about. however, all the points you gave could’ve been made except one, whether you try or not, you can’t stop BEAST MODE as you seen. also dont be too hard on DEZ in this particular game because Sheman shut down fitzgerald in the loss also. thanks again

  16. TheCockyJerksHumor says:

    Dez is a drama queen and Brandon Mebane the “N” is silence. 🙂 But awesome video. from a seahawks.

  17. MyLucas46 says:

    Man… I am a seahawks fan. But heck! You did your scouting report like a boss.

  18. Too0ki says:

    As a Seahawks fan, this is a really good analysis. You should be on ESPN over the crap that they have on there.

  19. DrxK00lAidx says:

    Thanks for giving the seahawks some credit man. good luck with the rest of your season.

  20. jw99171 says:

    I think Dez was a waste. Love the videos

  21. HealthyBeats says:

    As a Seahawks fan, if the Cowboys did what YOU said, they would have beat us, I’m very impressed about how well you know our team.


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