Special Report – News Now Seattle lured out a TYRANT – Seattle Videos

Special Report this time out of Everett, WA. News Now Seattle did a 1st Amendment Audit of the Armed Forces recruiting stations in Everett. He was arrested after being asked to leave. This is a public facility on leased private land. News Now Seattle was arrested after being trespassed. I’m not sure the proper procedure was followed.

Links to News Now Seattle:
His video of this incident – https://youtu.be/Rtn3iSBqp8k
His channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvVZgOVeZacN9exiZBo8wbQ

Everett Police Department
3002 Wetmore Ave
Everett, WA 98201

Everett Police Facebook page:

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  1. More cowards exposed! Love it.

  2. No questionable authority about PRESIDENT TRUMP. MAGA

  3. Thanks for this. I'm in Everett.

  4. I say the same thing every time I see them in action……it hasn't changed in most of the videos that I watch…..They the cops are all SCUMMM

  5. Please come down to the Tri-citys…alot of tyrants around here

  6. This is why we do what we do. POLICE STATE USA! I'm pissed! Cops=order following revenue collecting drama esclating blue isis tyrant thugs!

  7. Cop's going to businesses to get a trespass against this guy. What coward's I can't see your eye's, so considers that a threat ?

  8. I have heard many lame a$$ excuses from cops concerning why they felt threatened. However, not being able to see a person's eyes! It's not like he has superman's heat vision… what a JOKE.

  9. Attention wanted and received.

  10. The cunts with badges will always sink to any low to get what they want.
    So it is upto the auditors to think ahead and deny them the opportunity to abuse or falsely arrest.
    The moment the blue walking piles of dog shits went inside to instigate a trespass was the time to reposition off their property.
    But now record the shit out of them including private plates and return the gesture of spite.
    Absolutely everybody knows that the AmeriKKKan police are the scum of the earth !

  11. Part of their job is NOT TO CONSPIRE against citizens .

  12. We need cops like this at the border ?

  13. Thanks QA for posting this for him. I still think he did no wrong. Plus he never entered any of the businesses. Take care.


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