For the 1962 World's Fair, the official vehicles were a fleet of 1961 Oldsm…

For the 1962 World's Fair, the official vehicles were a fleet of 1961 Oldsmobiles, and a special series of license plates was created to use for the event. I'm an avid license plate collector, and several years ago I was fortunate to acquire this license plate that was used on the official vehicle of Ewen Dingwall, general manager of the 1962 World's Fair, as described in the Seattle Times article shown in the pictures. The MOHAI photo shows number FAIR 03 in use. I'd love to see any other pictures of these in use. Also, if anyone has any old license plates lying around that need a new home, I'd love to work out a deal – if so, please send me a PM.


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  1. That’s a fantastic piece of history there! Could you put current tabs on it and use for real? Not sure you’d want to.

  2. The “FAIR” license plates particularly stood out because the standard auto plates for 1962 were the reverse color scheme, with a green background.

  3. King County began with an ‘A’. Pierce County with a ‘B’. Etc. I think it was based on population.

  4. Yes, on the new plates for 1963 ‘C’ was for Spokane County, ‘E’ for Yakima County, ‘I’ for Island County. ‘D’ was designated for Seattle ‘Department’ vehicles …

  5. Wa. exempt plates had the D for City Gov plates and C for WA State counties. Those Exempt plates were a different series than private ownership vehicles. I think the D was also used for Snohomish county private plates.


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