Raw: Seattle Parties After Super Bowl Win – Seattle Video

http://smarturl.it/AssociatedPress Thousands of people poured into the streets of Seattle after the Seahawks demolished the Denver Broncos 43-8 in the Super …
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  1. God Bless The United States of America!!
    Our Strength an Security was highlighted wonderfully last night ..
    Never Forget!
    Remember Our Troops!

  2. Lot’s of envy showing in these comments. This is the first time in the
    history of sports that fans celebrated their team’s championship. Never
    happened before.

  3. Light up those big bong bowls, Osprey fans!! Whee!!

  4. Seattle score 12 seconds into the game and 12 seconds into the 2nd half.
    That is hardly coincidental. It is the curse of the 12th man!

  5. Charles O’Blenis > the trash of the human race…
    (im asking myself why the aliens are here WTF…???)

  6. What are all theses people so excited about? They didn’t win anything. They
    just sat on their asses all day and drank beer. These people are the
    champions? They didn’t win anything. Someone else did.

  7. In the 1960′s “Anti-racists” forced EVERY & ONLY white countries to open
    their borders to massive non-white immigration.
    Then “Anti-racists” FORCED ALL & ONLY white people to “integrate” or face
    consequences for being “intolerant”.
    Now “Anti-racists” are calculating that ALL and ONLY white children will
    become minorities and eventually EXTINCT!
    If “Anti-racists” did this to EVERY & ONLY black countries, IT WOULD be
    called a GENOCIDE!
    Anti-racist is a code for anti-White

  8. I got one finger on each hand up for the Hawk Haters here. Get used to it,
    we are. It’s not going away next year EITHER.
    Been waiting 38 years for this. Your envy shines right through all your
    pathetic words.HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  9. Nothing like having a little fun before you go back to work tomorrow.

  10. so i decided to watch the superbowl as it was televised on national tv here
    in england. what a boring spectacle zzzzz. constantly stop start stop
    start, to think people actually like this sport?. And why do they call it
    ‘football’, they barely touch it with their feet. the real football is of
    course our football, ‘soccer’ for you retards. the game we call football is
    the most widely loved and embraced sport in the world and truly is ‘the
    beautiful game’.

  11. stupid ameicunts

  12. @David McCaig Miami celebrated when heat won championship

  13. You guys should be toking!

  14. This game was rigged and all the betting money should be refunded. The
    team is a Super jew kike team__they are Super jew Martians and should be
    banned from the NFL. Denver, on the other hand was told to get doped up on
    “Pot” before
    the game or risk major injury to the Bronco players by___yup, you guessed
    it the
    Super jews from Seattle. Torn ham strings, snapped ligaments, broken collar
    fracture pelvis__the Super jew Sea Hawks use the “Alien Knife” and unless
    you want the starting team beat up and cut to ribbons by the Super jews
    from Seattle__you dope em up and say__play ball. Refund all the money_the
    game was rigged from the get-go. Seattle Space Needle? That thing sure
    looks like a UFO to me. And, it was Boeing and the Super jews that attacked
    America and knocked down the World Trade Center buildings. Across the East
    River was the warning on the “Watchtower jehovah’s witnesses” building. The
    big sign says “Watch Tower” but it is an incomplete sentence. What it
    really says is: “Expose the Super jews
    and Watch Towers Fall”. And, that is the rest of the story. Professional
    Professional Football__same thing.

  15. Look at all these clowns.. so excited of there football but most of then
    dont ever get that excited to see there family or children.. americans are
    retards… Just like a dumb dog u want the ball go catch it watch them run
    around like a idiot.. thats football 

  16. +MurrowSon
    Your comment:
    “Sure are a lot of Mexicans in the NW now, selling fruit on street corners
    in winter, letting their too-many brat kids run around stores like it’s a
    carnival, stealing millions from legit Americans with their anchor-baby
    criminal lazy activity, and the only English they learn is “Go Seahawks,”
    and “we’re not criminals.” But, yes, they ARE CRIMINALS, of the worst

    Keep repeating a lie, it becomes the truth. Silence the truth, it becomes
    a lie.
    You’re delusional if you really believe what you said.
    And let’s suppose for a second that there’s some truth to that. So?
    America was founded on expansionist and opportunist principles. People
    from Europe came here and overpowered the natives. And now Mexicans sneak
    in here and are domiciled here and since they can’t overpower anyone they
    use other tactics.
    I’m not saying they’re sneaky evil people, I’m saying even IF what you said
    is true about them stealing from America, who are YOU to comment?
    Go bitch somewhere else. 

  17. Fuck you Seattle Seahawks and their fans


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