Strange blue light in the sky during snow storm in Seattle — YOU CAN HEAR IT TOO!! – Seattle Videos

First off, please see the parts section below if you wish to skip to the strange light and sound I recorded. Well, we got a lot of snow the past week here 20mi NE of Seattle, WA. We got almost a foot and a half! However it is starting to rain and turn to slush and flooding may become a problem. Trees are snapping under the weight of it all and power keeps going on and off. Stay safe out there and I will be back soon! This video was recorded around 11:00pm Pacific Time February 11, 2019.

00:01 – Intro/Lots of snow!
03:36 – A big tree fell on the path I usually walk down every hour (What if I was walking here when it fell?)
05:16 – 1ft of snow, just on the side of the road (more in the grass)
07:47 – Strange bright blue flash in the sky (Plus you can hear the sound of the electricity from miles away!)
08:12 – Audio enhanced for the sound of electricity (Note that there were 2 bursts of sounds closely spaced)

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  1. plasma , thanks for documenting this Ben , thx Cat

  2. The tree's are absolutely beautiful my favorite thing to paint a picture of, Transformer or DEW That is the question, go investigate that, anything in yr news? Don't you guys have snow plows there?

  3. Plasma weapon to create more snow where hardly any usually comes down.

  4. I would have to say the correct phenomonan and what really causes this to happen,dielectric plasmic discharge from lightbning hitting a transformer like what happened in new York, lets not forget solar activity could also be behind this to, with those flares that get thrown down and can cause grid down situations if more flares increase,since we have had those for this year and I believe last year of 2018,i also im in agreement with this solar grand minimum going on as well, thanks for the share of this video man cheers 🙂

  5. Definitely 1000% transformers and at the beginning you said popcorn like precipitation that’s called gaupel

  6. My eastern Washington state has bout 14 inches right now. Sadly we are suppose to get rain today. I was hoping to avoid rain today. I am so loving this snow. Waiting for more snow tomorrow. Stay safe and God bless u. I saw the blue lights u filmed. So glad that tree branch didn’t fall on u.

  7. My friend lives right by that supposed transformer in Astoria he didn't lose power and nothing was wrong at the power plant in NY so those blue lights are strange in deed.

  8. hey Ben can you send some of that COLD up here to alberta. minus 32 c tonight.haha

  9. Hay Ben, I have been watching your information on Yellowstone and Mary Greeley her information on Yellowstone and it seems there is a lot more activity going on recently that has not been talked about. Large amounts of ground rise. Massive increase in earthquakes, increase in gases. A lot of us think something could happen soon. Can you please start dooing daily updates on Yellowstone for us? Thank you Ben.
    Much love to you and your family.

  10. See watch out for everything you see and in news, i.e. your snowstorm, Chile flooding in desert and Australia heavy rains something is coming signs all around! Keep up with posting us on East Coast definitely appreciate it!

  11. Also Ben. This website you go to with the Yellowstone seismometers:

    It comes up with a warning saying this content is untrusted and the certificate is out of date expired. It it warned me that going to this site might be dangerous. I don't know if this is your site but I want to ask you if it is safe?

  12. That’s the sound we heard here in Astoria NYC! It pulsed that sound during the whole time with the blue light!

  13. Remember when Quebec Canada and northern Ontario had theirs big freeze, all the trees, electric poles, transformers blew under the weight of the ice and there were no hydro for days, the rescues were going on for days? I was working as a RN in a Hospital at that time and no one was coming on for the next shift and we had no hydro, the generator was the only basic source of power and it was not much. After my 12 hr shift I stayed on for the next shift and a half so I was there for 30 hrs. I would not have left anyways, but it is the law that no nurses or doctors can abandoned theirs patients in any circumstances in cases of disasters, it is called abandonment of patients…
    anyways my point is while those things were falling all around us by the weight of the ice, the transformers blowing up, « « «  there were no blue lights eliminating the sky anywhere » » »!!! This is all very recent and getting worse. Good catch Ben. Stay safe.

  14. I feel really stupid because i thought everyone was talking about a robot transformer, i thought it was some inside joke or something.

  15. Under a landslide warning atm.

  16. Plasma….great catch! Man, that ⚡️ electrical ⚡️ sound along with the plasma flash is really ominous. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Man that's a lot of snow! Been a few years since we had that much. With all the snow in the trees it could well have been a transformer going from tree limbs dropping. Hard to say.

  18. Is it due to GEOPHYSICS??? NASA explains this is a 'natural phenomenon and occurs all the time?!? but due to humans' restricted ability of hearing it could not detect these sounds when THE SOUND does not occur in high volume! WOW!!! If it is GEOPHYSICS then it perhaps falls into your realm of knowledge, Ben!!! How exciting!!! Do you know anything more about this from a geological point of view???

  19. Definately electrical grid… heavy, wet snow + rain/ice , trees breaking… something fell onto a power line or transformer. Transformer failure typically makes a loud Boom, sometimes with crackling of electricity arcing all over the place.
    PS, that is Sleet (pellets of frozen rain drops) and Grauple (pellets of snow)… it is NOT HAIL… hail is technically frozen rain but forms from wholly different circumstances and is created in thunderstorms with violent updrafts… Hail during a snowstorm is incredibly rare and requires very, very unique circumstances. Sometimes it can happen during intensely strong Nor 'Easters/coastal winter storms w/ embedded Tstorms or during "Thundersqualls"… strong Tstorms that occur on a frontal boundary that has above freezing temps ahead of the storm and below freezing temps on its rear flank, and also has below freezing temps above 5000ft. These start with rain &/or sleet and transition to heavy, wet snow.

  20. Those are not transformers. None of them. Transformers don't blow up for over an hour.

  21. wow, phenomenal mate. Same eerie blue light glow that was recorded over new york. I think it's funny how we're being told to dismiss this as transofmrers blowing, i suspect is has everything to do with tesla's scalar technologies… it's our "wall" of frequency and sound. It's show time for the people of earth. Get your popcorn ready. Be safe friends.

  22. It's Nitrogen. It means the more densely present combust in the air is Nitrogen instead of Hydrogen. I saw it indoors too, in the Lake City area about 10 miles west of Bothell, Washington. It looks like blue electric particles in the air.


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