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Liam is 4
Jacob is 1 (21 months)

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  1. Omg I’m crying w Liam. My kids cry all the time when my hubby leaves to work too .

  2. My son is almost 17 months and has begun to hit me as well. Usually I try to edify and repeat to him however I think he must be feeling or reacting to because I know it's likely frustration that he can't express himself. But I always say something similar to what u do. Like "Be gentle, we don't hit, hitting hurts". But OMG it's so annoying lol

  3. Great job April! Thanks for sharing. I know it was hard sharing Liam so emotional. It made me remember how sad my kids would be when their Dad had to leave.

  4. Liam will be such a good big brother when they grow up😍. They already started to build up that relationship👍 of course with help of their beautiful mother😘

  5. Aww April you are an amazing mom!!!

  6. What a batch of sweet boys you have there 🌈🥰

  7. Omg. Liam. You precious boy!!! Oh my heart was broken right with you sweet boy!!

  8. Poor liam I ve never seen him crying on camera …it broke my heart whn ne was missing his dada…👨‍👩‍👦‍👦💜

  9. I think it was too much for Liam to be the man of the house too much responsibility for the lil guy poor Liam

  10. Hi April – just total admiration for the love and patience you have for your kids. It broke my heart watching Liam cry…it reminded me of when my Mom used to leave for work. She was a flight attendant and had to fly overseas frequently and my dad was working overseas at the time so I was left with our helper. The only way she was able to console me was to say that she needed to make money for my cheesestrings – favourite childhood snack ever! I love your family – have been watching before Liam was born. You and Justin make a great team! Love and hugs from London xx

  11. I really appreciate your transparency about reality of parenting April. You don't sugar coat things.

  12. Liam crying for his dad made me 😢 cry., April you are such a wonderful mom.. Safe return Justin.. nice vlog 👍🏽☺️

  13. Oh my god this is the first time I've seen Liam cried and it broke my heart… It's so nice that you tried cheering him up.. Your a great mom

  14. Poor liam! Kids go thru a stage where they are extra attach to one parent. All of my 3 young children are like him when dad goes away for a business trip.

  15. Haha! April from long beach came out, jakey try that when your older and see what happens! 😂 April your one of the realest people on you-tube. I love how you comfort Liam when Justin left by redirecting and assurance that Justin would be back…❤️

  16. Aril used her PK skills when Liam was crying…. good skills April!

  17. Number one suggestion with litter box issues is to add more boxes. Three cats should have 4 litter boxes.

  18. You have no idea how much you are helping us with your advices for cats. I have also 3 and my Charlie started peeing in random places and the other 2 followed the bad behavior. We also changed the floor to tile and vinyl hardwood floor and they still do that. Im trying everything that you say guys and we hope to see improvements too. Thank you soooo much!!! ❤️

  19. every time i watch ur videos i feel full of life n happiness..most amazing small happy family.. amazing parents April n Justin blessed wid two solitaires Liam n Jacob.. wow 😘😘 so beautifully u deal wid ur boys wid immense equities..i respect dat 👍🏻👍🏻 i mst say u r the bst parents .. i love ur boys..God bless u all stay like dis for always❤️👍🏻😘😘

  20. wonderful view mountain backyard .

  21. Awww, April… it really melts my heart that your kids miss Justin so much and you are trying your best with the boys. You’re doing a great job and being a good mom!! 🤗🤗🤗

  22. How close Liam is with Justin is such a beautiful thing <3

  23. Dnt you put anything on the table …like cover it are really brave I would be stressing that my table will get marks on it …lol

  24. Really love the no snack rule April! Keep with the great parenting and lay down the laws when the kiddos are youngins!!!

  25. Oh poor Liam 😘 Jakey talking 💚💜💙💕 xxxxxx April you are a beautiful mum 😘

  26. Liam is such a beautiful big brother xxx

  27. Awww April you did so well with the boys, while they were missing their daddy

  28. Aww, when Liam started missing Justin I felt so bad and sad for him. I’m glad he started to cheer up! And Liam reading and helping Jacob with the finding book was so adorable! You’re such a great mother April! You’re so patient and kind!

  29. It is good that April and Justin are disciplining their boys! Kids are not always perfect, and we have to LOVE them as they are, but it is important to teach them respect, discipline and responsibility. They will be facing the WORLD in 10 years time. Their values and soft qualities are so vital.


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