The END of JAMES CHARLES CAREER (Seattle Waiter, Nikita Dragun & LEAKED Texts) – Seattle Videos

A few days ago Tati uploaded a video exposing James Charles for his actions and behavior. The situation has blown up a lot, and there’s a bunch of people involved at this point. We have the Seattle waiter, gage from Coachella and more. Since I believe this is quite a big deal I decided on sharing my opinions from an outside perspective. I hope you enjoy.

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  1. Who cares?
    What effect?
    Economy doesn't suffer I guess …

    Fight for more fame … until they may die.
    She was too stupid to make a contract and deal with him when starting to support him.

  2. I just hate the hypocrisy. I'm straight. I live in my city's gay neighborhood and I have loads of friends and relatives in the LGBTQ community. They become livid when heteros go after gay or lesbian men and women but they have no qualms about going after straight people and they aren't joking. It isn't funny. Respect goes both ways. If you want heteros to respect your orientation you must respect theirs too.

  3. A great Video very nice and amazing and cool i Wish you a nice day best wishes 🤗🤗💙

  4. I grew up with my mom saying life is about learning you cant learn if you dont make mistakes so i think with all the backlash he had he probably learned from it and will do better but idk him so im not gonna judge about his mistakes and wether or not he learned from it now about that brand thing i think both tati and james are in the wrong tati shouldnt have expected him to advetise for her vitamins tho i also think james should've atleast be straight forward with her about him signing that ad deal friends are friends and atleast that way its not backstabbing finaly im gonna say it happened that also means its in the past so the only thing both tati and james can do is move forward wether its as friends or not

  5. Gosh how childish everyone reacted

  6. Honestly never heard of this guy until yesterday. And as a close protection officer in South Florida, I would dump any client that seems predatory.

  7. To everyone have a great day💖and happy ramadan❤

  8. I am from germany and you did a great job, telling me whats going on. Thanks Sunny, wish you the best

  9. I dont know anything about this ,but I like hearing your voice didn't smile much but that's ok !

  10. Hi Sunny! Great Video😊
    I'm not that guy that follows every of these situations on youtube and I'm far away from knowing every detail on this. but also seems wrong for me to bring/force people on situations they don't like or feel uncomfortabel with and nobody should do that.

  11. Not my genre to be honest… 😅
    But thx for the video Sunny. I appreciate your affort as always. 😋
    Fine hilsener fra Tyskland! 😀😘

  12. No me béat ceci la gantti falso

  13. Now that the subscribe to Pewdiepie meme has ended, it's time for Subscribe to Sunny. Can this become a thing please?

  14. I am very glad that all this stuff would never touch me in any way…

  15. Hi Sunny, of course I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m always more interested in your life than “celebrities” I’ve actually never heard about. So, if I may be so bold and make a request: I would rather like to hear more about life in Norway, cooking, your gym-experiences, your education…radiology 😉.

  16. You're the only person that has been able to explain this to me in a way I understand. It must be that gorgeous Norwegian accent. Great video. Tussen takk!

  17. You guys still remember #iSunny ? xd

  18. Ha ha al this youtubers drama Queens lol

  19. Sunny you REALLY can put a focus for clearness of thought … very consistently throughout your channel content. Your black belt provides that focus.

  20. 4,000,000???
    Huuuuuuuuffffff da!

  21. All Americans are strange All hail 🇬🇧

  22. Taki, congrats for knowing the truth cause James Charles comes no more. Thanks to Sunny a new girl won the video. I think Julia & Liz will have more before twing girls come to our rescue. In addition, Twins steals the show. Well now be seen Hannah B as the next other youtube star besides being the next bachelorette.

  23. The whole drama, PC and SJW will eventually ruin society. We need to fight back. Equality yes, discrimination against straight (white) men no, or any person for that matter.

  24. After what I've heard/seen in this video, I'm not surprised that James Charles' career has gone downhill. He's done some very, very wrong things James has. Him losing more or less 4M subscribers is the biggest sub drop in the history of YouTube. But I'm not a fan of him.

  25. So much drama sometimes need action too

  26. TBH, I don't follow these creators, so it is a bit over my head🤷‍♂️, but I do know that if the subscribers that are leaving want to follow beauty, class, & integrity, they need to follow Sunny☀️!!!

  27. What dose this have
    anything to do you,
    Sonny i thought you
    were bigger then that,
    never did i think you would
    focus on other OPP

    this dose not concern me.
    i like women and real
    Flowers, no Plastic junk
    for me.
    Let the Sun Shine on
    We Love it when is Sunny

    👆 °?°
    please don't focus on
    that type of "Nonsense",
    Shine on ! Sunny
    Awesome free copy Right
    Music 🎼 Sunny
    °?• 💃
    👋 👔 👍

  28. I've been seeing stuff about James Charles all over the internet, now I'm finally learning about all of this through you, so thank you.

  29. Please, trying being homeless. boo hoo.

  30. Sunny, here is a Heart for you ❤️. Good Video 👍🙂. You have Beautiful Voice and when I you see, see i a Angel ☺️🌹

  31. lol people following this dude? hahaha youtube 2019

  32. Couldn't care less, to be honest.

  33. He definitely isn’t just joking, it is obvious

  34. I know ABSOLUTELY KNOW NOTHING about these people!! But this video was interesting and insightful. This James Charles seems to be in the wrong here and this is the internet so it will continue to punish him for what’s on the surface (the backstabbing and forcing straight men to like him or whatever). However, if he makes the changes necessary and stays grounded his audience will give him another chance. I mean look at Logan Paul he is doing fine now. I don’t know how old he is but fame kinda gets to people.

    Great job in the video!!

  35. Your accent sounds amazing and I must say, Du er vakke 🌷


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