[REAL ATC] Gulfstream CAUSES CHAOS ON DEPARTURE at Seattle! – Seattle Videos

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  1. What the hell is going on here..why did he takeoff vfr and fly around at 1500ft and then tell them he's going to Athens..am I missing something here??
    His passengers must be loving this

  2. What a complete cluster.

    I started watching it thinking "these jet pilots forgot how to fly a standard pattern" until he asks for clearance and then understood the sneaky maneuver he tried to pull.

    I did the same thing two weeks ago but not out of a class Bravo. Launch VFR due to any number of reasons which would cause delays and pick up your clearance with Center as soon as you are airborne and out of the vicinity.

    This was a clever plan but abysmally executed and they should have known better, especially in a super busy airspace like SEATAC.

  3. What on earth were they thinking changing to IFR after VFR clearance? Doesn't sound even remotely normal procedure…

  4. Man fuck those Vistajet pilots. They need to sit down for a few weeks.

  5. the 3 P's- Piss Poor Planning.

  6. I presume he should have said he was departing VFR to the north and then contacted approach for the clearance?.
    But could he not have gotten the clearance from the tower before getting airborn?

  7. Departure!! Hello 🤷🏼‍♂️

  8. Could someone explain for the lay people exactly what they are trying to pull here? And why

  9. Can somebody please explain for the uninitiated what was going wrong here? And what was being done to correct the situation?

  10. Irresponsible pilots. Not advising the controllers of their intentions is dangerous. Idiots!

  11. Just got off the phone with Vista Air dispatch, they are still doing circuits and expect to fly VFR to athens

  12. How do idiots like that get pilots license? I'd report them to the FAA along with a recording of this.

  13. So is the assumption that the crew were delayed in picking up their IFR and decided then to just take off anyway and hope that Clearance would give them their IFR while airborne? Yikes. How unprofessional.

  14. Is this as crazy as it sounds? Can someone explain to me what just happened (I am not a pilot)

  15. Did the controller think that the VistaJet flight that just took off for Athens was now on approach for landing?

  16. Ok so if you dont understand what is going on this is what i can gather:

    Pilot requested a VFR clearence because it is probably easier and faster than a IFR clearence, knowing that after they take off they will be in everybodys way and then ask for an IFR clearence for their destination, ATC cant order them to land overweight since technically they are doing everything “legal” its just that they are a pain in the ass, so basically they are blackmailing atc into giving them IFR clearence while airborne just so atc can get rid of them, probably a loophole somewhere, seems like they have done this before, i am probably wrong in some regards but i guess everyone will comment how am i wrong in the replys so 🤷🏼‍♂️

  17. Why would they not pickup ifr on the ground? Boeing field has a perfectly good clearance frequency which was active (I pulled up liveatc archives to make sure).. Why would they not want departure to vector them safely away from seatac traffic, especially since they were going to pickup ifr anyway?

  18. What the actual…. These cowboys should not be in the air. This is a circus….

  19. Listening to this was both funny and frustrating!!
    Why this confusion for a flight which is intended to go directly to the east and cross the pond towards Europe?

  20. Ah, Australian pilots: criminals, the lot of them

  21. I tried writing a timestamped comment so many times to understand this but I just don't. I'm not a pilot though.

    So in short, the crew claim VFR intentions before departure, but then try to obtain IFR clearance in-flight? One commenter suggested this may have been done to save time.

    And because of this the tower did not fully understand the crew's intentions and the crew's traffic deviated from the route expected from the tower, causing all this mess. Is that right?

    Just brainstorming till someone can explain it for all of us haha.

  22. Seems like they did not know what htey were doing. Can't understand why they confirm being VFR for a pattern then fly a departure and suddenly want to go to Athens. All that while jeopardizing safety of other aircraft not making a proper pattern while they were cleared only for that. I hope there was some stuff done to investigate this as it really seems they were completely in their own world in this aircraft.

  23. if the pilots hadn't completely fucked up the pattern, the plan to depart Vor and pick up IFR, for whatever reason there may be, wouldn't have been special at all 😀

  24. Sounds like ATC screwed the pooch on this one.

  25. Anyone heard of LionAir SL181 7/7-2019 with possible flap issues, was on the plane, and it was the fastest landing I have ever exp. only felt slowdown during deployment of landinggear

  26. Pretty sure Vista jet doesn't have Gulfstreams. Minor detail but still.

  27. There is clearly going to be a lot of misinformation here. So let me set the record straight. Normally if you leave from a controlled field like Boeing, you WILL get your clearance on the ground, whether it's domestic or IFR. Picking up an IFR in the air is pretty much exclusively reserved for non-towered airports. What these clowns did was completely unprofessional and dangerous, regardless of the reason they did it.

  28. I would think with Boeing and SeaTac being so close together it would always be somewhat chaos but what I don't understand is why SeaTac was using Runway 32 while Boeing was using Runway 14.

  29. Seems like the Vistajet didn't want to wait for an IFR release and decided to depart VFR. I think there was some confusion and the tower thought they want to stay in the pattern but really they wanted an IFR pick up in the air. That's what I gather but could be wrong.

  30. Lot of questions here about how and why, so here is my take as a 30 year veteran air traffic controller in Chicago.
    Pilot files a flight plan for Athens, and then calls for clearance. ATC gives ground delay for possibly hundreds of different reasons. Pilot, or pax don’t like the delay so pilot decides to get around it by departing VFR under the mistaken idea that he will be given IFR clearance once airborne. In this case probably tried to use the rouse that they were staying in the pattern, this may have been because the entire airport was stopped for all outgoing traffic, or conditions outside the immediate area were IFR.
    ATC is not required to issue IFR flight plan to airborne VFR flights, and it’s highly unlikely tower guy could do it anyway. If VFR aircraft encounters IFR conditions a radar facility can provide IFR control but are in no way required to give a requested IFR route or destination and would not do so if they couldn’t for any reason.
    I have had pilots do this very thing in the center environment. Ground stopped to XYZ airport so pilot departs VFR to avoid ground stop then tries to activate flight plan.
    This could have, and should have gone like this
    Pilot: we can’t land for 5 hours
    Controller: roger, you are cleared to BFI via direct “point” intersection, “point 3 arrival”. Climb and maintain 7k hold at “point” as published expect further clearance in 5 hours.
    Pilot can’t do anything but cancel IFR request or request a destination that he can be cleared to.


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